First Post: About Me and the Blog

I have never done anything like a blog before and quite honestly I never thought I would. So, what made me want to start writing blogs? Well, I have two passions: reading and forensic science. I also have a one year old son who makes my life ten times more interesting (well at least to me), so I figured, why not write about all these things?

I am majoring in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice at UCO in Edmond, OK all the while raising my one year old son. To say it’s been easy or smooth sailing would be a flat out LIE. I never gave other mothers enough credit for putting themselves through school, whether they are single mothers or not, because I just never gave it much thought. Kudos to those women. I admire every. single. one. of you! That sh*t is difficult and now that I am in that boat I have a new found respect for those who didn’t quit or decided to go back.

I love my son. I love reading. I love Forensic Science. All of these things are the theme of my blog. I will be writing reviews about books that I have read. I will be writing about my day gallivanting with my kid and I will incorporate my love of forensics whenever I feel the desire to.

I hope whoever finds this site (and sticks around) will enjoy what I have to offer via book reviews and my life experiences. I just want to share what I am going through as a young mother who is still coming to terms with being just that: a momhunter and i


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