Book Review: Opal

#(Started 6/5 – Ended 6/6)
I’m always so glad when I’m able to jump straight into the next book of a imageseries, because there is no waiting and I can continue on with the story as if there was no end to the last book.

I jumped right into Opal after I finished Onyx, with a day break between, to continue with the story of Kat and Daemon.

There is a lot that goes on in this book so, again, this review will be rather vague.
Kat and Daemon join forces with an unlikely character to rescue a very important person. With everyone involved having something to gain and lose, and knowing that prevents the two from trusting anyone, including their friends.
Kat gets left behind and all I can say is, all hell is going to break loose in Origin, the fourth book in this series, so I’m just going to scedaddle and see what becomes of everyone.


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