Throwback Thursday: Series

This is a new weekly post that I hope you all enjoy. Throwbacks from my earlier reads or anything that strikes my fancy will be posted every Thursday, so keep an eye out! Today’s throwback is series’ that I read in middle school.

1. WarriorsErin Hunter


I loved this in middle school. Loved it so much, in fact, that I joined a role playing forum. My character was KnightWarrior. Don’t  judge. I’m  still very fond of these books and my preteen years.

2. Heartland Series  – Lauren Brooke


I loved horses growing up. I used to want one and day dreamed about rescuing horses that seemed abandoned on the side of road, and we would be the best of friends. I also tore out the pictures from horse calenders  and taped them to my wall. I had a wall of horses, guys. This series was obviously another favorite  of mine. Obsessive, really.

3. The 7th Tower Series – Garth Nix


This series is inconsistent with my love of animal books, but I equally loved fantasy series ( and I still do) as well. If you haven’t  read this, I recommend it. The characters have shadow demons. What more could you want?

So there you have it. My embarrassing  throwbacks. Please leave comments below! And check back next week for a weekly dose of #tbt!


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