Top 5 Favorite Vampire Stories

Death and Vampires are scandalously intimate and, thus, are warranted a blog post. Below you will find a list of my favorite vampire novels or series.

1. Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice


I first fell in love with Vampires after reading Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. I absolutely love the movie adaptation as well.

2. Dracula – Bram Stoker


I wouldn’t be a true vampire fan if Dracula wasn’t on my list. The story was captivating and gruesome, I couldn’t put it down.

3. Twilight Saga – Stephenie Meyer 


I like sparkly vampires too. I like them cute and cuddly with a side of malice. The books are way better than the movies, though.

4. Blue Bloods – Melissa De La Cruz


Elitist vampire coven in New York? Yes, Please.

5. Vampire Academy – Rachelle  Mead 


A school full of vampires?! How cool. Still a favorite of mine.

What’s your favorite vampire story? Please leave comments below!







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