Book Review: Confess

(Started 6/13/2016 – Ended 6/14/2016)

“I’ll love you forever, even when I shouldn’t.”

Confess by Colleen Hoover, was another recommended book by a friend of mine. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble and was lucky enough to buy it on sale.

Auburn is a 21 year old mother who moves to Texas from Oregon to be closer to her son. Her situation is unique for her age, but she does what she has to do to ensure that she can keep seeing her son on a regular basis. When she meets Owen, a 21 year old artist, she decides to let her heart make her decisions, but that control puts all her hard work at risk.Confess

Owen’s past mistakes, and secrets, threaten to destroy everything Auburn loves most, and in order to ensure that that doesn’t happen, she needs to cut Owen out of her life. “All Owen needs to do is confess, but that could be more destructive than the actual sin. “

What is so fascinating about this book is that Owen’s art is motivated by people’s confessions. They are written on slips of paper that are then shoved through a slot in his door. Their confessions is what inspires his paintings and he makes a killer living doing it. What started his love of painting and what secret is he keeping from Auburn that he will take to his grave?

I loved this book. I was hooked from the beginning, and the confessions inside were heart wrenchingly sad.

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