Throwback Thursday:Nicholas Sparks

This week’s TBT is all about Nicholas Sparks. I used to love reading his books in high school, and I attribute my love for romance to him. I haven’t  read any of his new books in years, but love reading my favorites over and over again. Below is the list of my favorites, enjoy!

1. Message in a Bottle


2. Nights in Rodanthe


3. A Walk to Remember


4. The Rescue


5. A Bend in the Road


6. The Guardian


These are the only Nicholas Sparks books I own, and I love them all so much. I guess I haven’t picked up a new book of his because my poor heart just can’t  take another one of his sad romances; so I just reread these because my heart already knows what’s  coming so it doesn’t  hurt so much to read, although the stories still resonates with me.

If you haven’t  read these, I highly recommend  them.




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