Book Review: Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting is the first in the Clipped Wings series, and is an enthralling first book.

Tenley Paige survives a plane crash that took everyone she loves, andclipped wings is forced to pick up the pieces of her life alone. She suffers from anxiety and bouts of depression that take her back to those dark days.

Then she meets Hayden, an eccentric deviant with vipor bites and tattoos that tell his story. His past continues to catch up to him while Tenley and his relationship starts to grow.

After they start to accept their feelings for each other, Tenley’s past forces her to return home from Chicago, leaving Hayden to decide if Tenley is worth pursuing after a huge secret came out.

I have Inked Armor on my TBR list, because Clipped Wings left on such a cliff hanger, and I am wanting to follow their relationship through to the end. This may become another favorite romance series of mine.

Questions,comments, conerns, leave them below!




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