Book Review: Ricochet

(Started 6/29 – Ended 7/1)

Ricochet by Krista and Becca Ritchie is book 1.5 of the Addicted to You series, which follows Lilly’s journey to stay celibate for 90 days while her boyfriend Lo is in rehab for his addiction to alcohol. Sounds easy to us, but for Lily, as a sex addict, being celibate for 3 months seems impossible.


Lilly Callaway comes from a prestigious family who owns a soda company called Fizzle, and with that money comes feelings of shame and an addiction she has to keep a secret for fear of ridicule and misunderstanding from her family.

She relies on her sister Rose, her friend Connor and Lo’s half brother, Ryker, to get her through those long three months of celibacy. Cravings and fantasies overtake her life as she deals with Lo’s absence to the point that her compulsions are beginning to rule her life.


Lily struggles with her addiction but is on the road to recovery when she decides to see a therapist about her problems.

Lily and Lo’s relationship, at first, was a way to help enable each other’s addictions; now, they’re relationship is teetering and unbalanced, with the weight of their personal road to recovery ready to topple at any moment, if their love for each other isn’t strong enough to get them through.

I can not express enough how much I love this book. In Addicted to You, the first book of the series, Lilly Calloway is a snivveling, self-absorbed, sex crazy young adult. I didn’t particularly like her, but following her journey to recovery in Ricochet was heart wrenching and I felt sorry for her as she struggled to stay faithful.

She has come a long way since book one and I started warming up to her. She isn’t as self-absorbed (but she has her moments) and she is finally starting to get closer to her family. She’s standing up for herself and totally fighting her addiction.

5/5 stars

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