Book Review: Addicted for Now

(Started 7/11 – Ended 7/12)

This is the second book of the Addicted series and it continues to follow Lily and Lo’s journey to recovery.

I can just rave and rave about this book, but I won’t because I don’t want to spoil this for anyone who is interested in reading the series!snapchat-749781439653480985.jpg

Lily and Lo are finally back together after Lo’s three month stint in rehab. Three months Lily stayed celibate, but once Lo is back she has to figure out a healthy way of having sex and controlling her urges. This is the hardest part because Lily just wants to jump Lo’s bones once he’s back and that’s all she can think about. However, Lo holds the power in their relationship, concerning her addiction, and she must trust that he will help guide her through her recovery.

Lily regresses after accomplishing so much when her secret is leaked to the media. I so want to say more about this, but this is the huge reveal in the book that will surprise everyone, even if you do have a small idea who it is.

Lily and Lo have come such a long way in this book and I am just so proud of them! Can I be proud of fictional characters?! Well, I am, so deal.

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