Book Review: Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky is an Addicted spin off; it is the first book of the Calloway sister series. It follows Rose and Connor who are secondary characters to the Addicted series.

I fell in love with Rose and Connor’s relationship while reading Ricochet and Addicted forkiss the sky Now. They are so confident and smart that it’s almost annoying, but their relationship is cute and you can’t help but love them.

After Lily’s sex addiction secret was made public to the whole world, Rose’s fashion line, Calloway Couture, took a hit as well as their family’s business, Fizzle. In order to try and keep her family’s and her own business from going bankrupt, she has the bright idea to have her sisters and their boyfriends (including herself and Connor) filmed for reality television. What could go wrong….right?

Rose, Connor, Lilly, Lo, Ryke, and Daisy are being filmed for six months in a townhouse in Philadelphia where they all have to live for the duration of the filming. Relationships are put to the test and Rose and Connor’s own relationship finally moves forward, that is until a seventh person tries to destroy everything the Calloway’s have worked for.

Kiss the Sky is a standalone book but its recommended that you read this book after Addicted for Now. I love standalone books, because everything is tied together and taken care of; you don’t have to wait for a second of third book to get everything cleared up.

I give Kiss the Sky a 5 star rating. I absolutely loved it.

Now on to Hothouse Flower starring Daisy and Ryke. I can’t wait!

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