Book Review: Hothouse Flower

(Started 7/15/16 – Ended 7/17/16)

This book review is late in coming, and I am so sorry! I’ve been sick and have now had the energy to write about Hothouse Flower. I am slowly getting back into the groove of things. Who knew being sick for a week could leave someone feeling so weak and disoriented afterwards?!

Hothouse Flower is Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway’s story. You first meet Ryke in Addicted to You and onward through Addicted for Now. He’s Lo’s half brother and is the hothouse flowerrock behind Lo’s recovery process. Being Lo’s brother has its fallbacks: don’t look, touch, daydream about, or f**k his brother’s girlfriend’s sister, Daisy. Boy, are we in a world full of hurt!

Daisy is finally 18 and legal. Ryke is seven years older and hot as hell. Ryke is there for Daisy as she goes through some sleep disorder and post traumatic stress after paparazzi broke into her bedroom while she was on the show, Princesses of Philly. Its only natural that the two would start harboring feelings for each other when they’re practically living together.

The two couldn’t be more perfect together! I just love Daisy and Ryke finally being together. Their relentless teasing of each other throughout the books had me pulling my hair out and cussing at the book.

Of course their love for each other wouldn’t come without drama. Between Lo and Daisy’s mother, their relationship would seem to almost come to an end, but love (of course) perseveres and the two end up happily together. Ah…such a happy ending.

I have yet to give any one of these books anything below a five star and that isn’t happening today. 5/5 stars. Exceptional.

Questions, comments, concerns, below! Thank you!



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