July Wrap Up and Book Haul

The month of July was a long one, the longest one of the summer yet. I was able to read 7 books this month. Not my best, but I did end up sick for a week and that put a damper on my reading, as well as the July bookstagram challenge I was doing  (which I ended up not finishing).

1. I read part of the Addicted series, I will be borrowing the rest of the series when I return the four I have to my friend. The first book of the series is Addicted to You, which I had read in June.


2. Drums of Autumn was the next book I read.

drums of autumn

These last two books are e-readers.

3. Fall Back Skyward by Autumn Grey. I did not write a review for this one, because I did not enjoy this book at all and couldn’t  bring myself to write about it. 2/5 stars.


4. Only for You by E. L Todd. I didn’t  write a review for this book, either, because it was God awful. It did warrant one more star than Fall Back Skyward. 3/5 stars.


Book Haul

I only bought two books this month: Drums of Autumn and The Fiery Cross. I started Fiery Cross and had hoped to finish it this month, but it’s taking me longer to read it. So, it will be an August read.

I need more book suggestions if anyone is willing to give any! I am getting through the Outlander series, slowly but surely, and need something else to read once I’m  finished, or even between books.

I hope you all have a great August!




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