Book Review: The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

The Fiery Cross is the fifth book of the Outlander series and is by far the weakest book. Now, that doesn’t mean I did not enjoy the book ( I did indeed like it), it just means that it is not my favorite.

I became super annoyed with Brianna and Roger. They make the most stupid decisions inThe_Fiery_Cross-1 this book that provide unnecessary drama; unnecessary drama that propels the book in a totally different direction than where it was headed. This made me feel like the book had no set plot and that the author was just writing in scenes because she had no idea where her story was going.

I love Diana’s writing, I really do, but I felt like there was so many wasted pages of scenes that didn’t need to be in the book. She loves her characters, I get that, but I really don’t need a whole chapter about Brianna’s leaking breasts and Roger’s desire to suck them.

There are several instances in the book where questions were answered and I believe that that is what Diana had wanted for this book. To answer unanswered questions and to put to rest the mystery of the skull with the silver capped teeth. This book was meant to showcase Stephen Bonnet, an infamous Captain of the ship Gloriana who also raped Brianna in Drums of Autumn.

Jamie puts word out through the Colonies of Bonnet’s whereabouts and we see the mention of Bonnet a gazillion times throughout the book, so we KNOW that there will be a confrontation at some point. When that confrontation came, I was severely disappointed. There was no climax. There was no battle or a spittle of words laced with hate. It was a shot in the gut and the man crawling through leaves to leave us wondering if he died or if he will survive his wound.

I can’t bring myself to give this book a 4 star rating. I love Diana’s writing and the fact that she loves her characters enough to give us a glimpse of their life without intense action on every page. She has a reason for writing Fiery Cross as a slow book. I just know it. She has answered questions and tied the book together beautifully in the end and that, to me, deserves 5 stars.

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