My First Trip to New York!

Last week my boyfriend, our son, and  I took an impromptu trip to New York for the week. He had an interview for Norfolk Southern (a railway company) and we decided it would be a great time to see his family and pursue an opportunity that comes once in a life time!

I’ve never been out of the Midwest. The farthest East I’ve been was Illinois when I lived there at 10 years of age; so to have the opportunity to make it farther East was a chance that I couldn’t lose. It was a long drive to New York from Oklahoma. It was a 22-25 hour drive. It sucked. My poor son was cooped up in his car seat for song, but I was so proud of him, he handled it well!

I think it’s everyone’s dream to go to New York and see the famous City, but for me I am content just getting out of the Midwest and seeing more of my beautiful country. We didn’t get the chance to see New York City, but we did drive past it and I was able to get a couple shitty picture of the skyline. I absolutely loved it.

new york pic

new york pic 2

We arrived at the City around 10 pm and took a bridge (I can’t remember the name. I know, I’m an awful blogger) around the city to Stanton Island where we stayed for a couple nights with Mark’s cousin.

This trip I have accomplished a few dreams:

1. Go to New York

2. See the Ocean (I could care less which one it was)

3. See more of our country

I accomplished all three in the span of a whole week! We went to Smith Point Beach where I finally saw the ocean. The Atlantic Ocean to be exact. It was gorgeous. It was vast. It was scary. It was everything and more. My son loved it!

hunter and ocean

atlantic ocean

After a couple of days on Stanton Island we drove through Manhattan and headed north to Albany where we stayed the night with Mark’s brother. I finally met his brothers and their wives. His mom also came down (I had already met her the year before), it was a great reunion for Mark and his family. Everyone made me feel welcome.

The entire trip was just so awesome. I can gush all day about how much fun I had. This was Mark and I’s first vacation together (and we’ve been together almost four years!). It’s one I’ll never forget!

mark and i

I was only able to get one book read on this trip. I read Thrive by Krista and Becca Ritchie. It’s book 2.5 of the Addicted series. You can find my review here.


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