Book Review: Addicted After All by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Addicted After All is Lily and Lo’s final book, their last story, their last tell all that will change the way you look at their relationship. This is the Addicted series book three that takes place after Thrive (book 2.5).

When I started reading this book I felt that Lo was enabling Lily’s sex addiction. I felt as though he was hindering her more than helping her. They were having sex all the damn time, and I feared that Lil was regressing. However, Lily’s regression was more to do withaddicted afterall the fact that her hormones were off the wall. Lily was pregnant and coming into Addicted After All  made me feel that Lo was doing more harm than good.

My thoughts on that matter changed after I saw how far Lilly has come in this book. She worries that she will choose sex over her child, but she ends up putting her child first, which is really strong of her to do. She also worries that she will be a terrible mother, but stopping in the middle of sex, to go console her crying son, is all she needed to realize that she can beat her addiction and be the best mom that she can be.

Lo has also grown. After the birth of their child, you can really see how much strength, confidence, and maturity he has gained. After being hit with the news that his father’s company is forcing Johnathon to step down as CEO of Hale Co. Lo has decided to take the position that was always his by right. In previous books Lo loathed taking over his father’s company, in fact, he swore he never would. It goes to show how far Lo has really come when he decides to fight for the CEO position against Ryke, Daisy, and Lily, just to ensure that neither of them will have to give up their lives/dreams to head a multi-billion dollar company.

I just love everything about this series; the bromance between Lo and Connor (who is Lo’s rock throughout the entire series), Lily’s superhero remarks, Daisy’s spontaneity, Ryke’s continuous f-bombs, and Rose’s villainous remarks about men’s nether regions. They all have their quirks and I have come to love every single one of them.

I give Addicted After All 5/5 stars because I just love this series so much, and this book did not disappoint me.


Addicted Series Recommended Reading Order:

Addicted to You (Addicted #1)

Ricochet (Addicted #1.5)

Addicted for Now (Addicted #2)

Kiss the Sky (Spin-Off: Calloway Sisters #1)

Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters #2)

Thrive (Addicted #2.5)

Addicted After All (Addicted #3)

Fuel the Fire (Calloway Sisters #3)

Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters #4)

I have started Fuel the Fire so keep an eye out for the review soon!







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