My Favorite Genres to Read

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your weekend has gone well and I’m sorry that it is coming to an end! Today, I figured I would discuss with you what my favorite genres of books are. I don’t think I’ve told you what I like to read, but I’m sure you can guess just by looking at my book reviews.

My favorite genres are:

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Romance (any)

Just because those three genres are my favorite, doesn’t mean I won’t pick up a few books in other genres that interest me, such as:

  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Sci-Fi

I love fantasy because the possibilities are endless. An author’s mind is completely different than the author before him or after him. Yes, some fantasy books (especially series) can be similar, but overall a fantasy novel is unique, and I just love that.

Young adult is great, although I tend to lean towards the young adult books that are set in fantasy realms instead of ones that deal with real life situations. These books are sometimes way better than adult fiction.

Romance. I just love a feel-good romance. Yes, I enjoy sex scenes just like any other woman who loves romance, but I also love the stories behind the characters. Some people think Fifty Shades of Grey is border line stalking or disgusting, but I don’t think it is. The story line deals with the characters development rather than the BDSM, but that could potentially be a whole other blog post if I really wanted to defend my reasoning.

There are so many options in the Fiction genre that catch my eye. I love time traveling. I love any book that is set in the older days of King and Queens. Like Outlander. I absolutely love that series (so far anyway, I should be starting book 6 soon!). I guess Historical Fiction can tie in with Fiction as well. I just love the history that comes along in books within these genres.

I love a good Sci-Fi book, but I don’t pick as many up as I probably should. There is a lot out there and I just haven’t gotten around to reading them lately, although they do interest me and I have read a few.

There you have it! The types of genres I enjoy reading. I am taking book recommendations so feel free to tell me what you liked and what I should read!


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