Cats Have Gone Again

If you’ve read my About Me page then you would know I am a cat lover. I have two cats: Jill and Holly. 

Jill has been with me since she was a kitten. I remember picking her out of a litter of kittens on valentine’s day at a strangers house. We brought her home that night and I have loved her ever since. She is 13 now and my life has been better with her. Before I get all emotional, I’ll just say that I love her more than anything ❤

Holly I adopted 9 months ago from an animal shelter. I had no intention of getting another cat, but when I walked in and saw her, I just knew. She stole my heart! So, I took Holly home with me on December 22, 2016 and my boyfriend  couldn’t have been more upset, haha.  Another female cat to feed, to clean out a litter box for….and to love (well, mostly love from me). I love her like I’ve had her for 13 years ❤

So, over the weekend I had to take my cats to my dad. Our new land lord does not want pets on the premises, which was not made clear on the lease. That is my fault for not double checking. 

Yes, Jill free rides, and Holly is in a carrier. I have never tried to see how she would do in the car without one.
They are gone, again, and I miss them so much 😓 This isn’t the first time they’ve stayed with my dad for awhile, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to part with them again.

They are two hours away, which isn’t too far, but finding time away from school and homework is difficult. 

I will see them again and will make my father send me pictures all the time, just so I know they are alive and doing OK. 

This was taken just before my dad left with the cats. He had my son for the weekend, so when we met at a gas station halfway between our homes, we traded. Jill is always curious in the car and is content on laying in her bed for the ride.

Until, next time!



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