Book Review: Daughter of Dusk

Daughter of Dusk is the sequel to Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne. I loved Midnight Thief ( I do not have a review for it because I read it long before I started this blog), so I was excited for Daughter of Dusk to come out. I had waited to patiently for it. It has lived up to my expectations, but I am disappointed some as well.

The author states in her acknowledgment section that she was contracted by her publishing company to write a sequel to Midnight Thief, so she did, obviously. It isn’t a bad thing to want to write a sequel but if the author doesn’t want to it reflects in their work and that was the case with Daughter of Dusk. Blackburne, to me, didn’t want to write a sequel, and it was painfully obvious.

Daughter of Dusk was great, it really was, but the last chapter or two was what killed it for me. Blackburne quickly tied up loose ends in the last two chapters, but she failed to tie up a loose end that is intriguing: her relationship with her father. That mystery was discovered in this book, but the author did not address it to it’s fullest. There are still so many questions and at one point Kyra says that maybe someday she’ll have a relationship with her father. I guess, if Blackburne wants to of her own accord, write a third Midnight Thief Novel to address that.

Everything happened so fast in the last two chapters. Kyra got a marriage proposal that I felt was half fast since throughout the books there were hardly any sparks flying, just a kiss here and there or a thought, or a fleeting touch. The proposal wasn’t justified like it should have been.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, but there were a few things that I was unhappy with.I really love the concept of humans changing into huge wild cats, so that appealed to me. Please don’t let my opinions of this book stop you from reading the Midnight Thief books. Draw your own conclusions then come back to me and we shall discuss!

4/5 Stars.




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