Today’s Mock Crime Scene

I am taking an internship class to satisfy my major’s internship requirment. So far this semester all we have done is review crime scene processing to lead up to our official mock crime scene. We treated our mock crime scene as if it were a real scene. It was great.

The scene was a double homocide. Two female vicitims. One victim had a shotgun next to her and the other was missing her right hand. Obviously, these weren’t real bodies, but we had dummies laying around. 

This was our scene today. An abandoned ‘mansion’. The place was huge and so outdated for its size and modernitity (I made this word up because I forgot what word I wanted to say) on the outside. 

I arrived super early, because I’m an over achiever like that, and was told to block the driveway with my car so no one could go around it. This way I was establishing a perimeter, or a blockade, the best we could with what we had. 

This is how far back we were from the road. It was such a beautiful morning!

This was the room my team had to process. There was a dead rat in the next room. Ew. 

So basically I photographed the room from all corners, then I took overall, midrange, and closeup photos of all the evidence with and without the scale. Then we measured each evidence from reference points which were the walls. Then we had to bag and tag the evidence after fingerprinting what we could. 

After about an hour and half we were done. Now, if we did the whole house it could have lasted all day, but the class was split up into teams and they had other parts of the house. 

I wish I could have taken pictures during the process, but we were too busy to really stop. I snuck these pictures in when my team was getting their material ready after I finished taking pictures.

I always have so much fun when I go to class. 

I hope you enjoy this tid bit of forensics! 


3 thoughts on “Today’s Mock Crime Scene

  1. I wish we could know more on the case itself. Like, I do realise that double homicide sort of settles it.. but digging more into it– reviewing how it had all happened, would’ve been such a treat! Honestly though, I wish I went there too.. I’m sure it would have been so much fun! Great post 🙂

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    1. Well, initially that’s all we will know as we get to a crime scene. The first responder briefs the detective, the detective briefs us and our team leader divies up the work. Tuesday we will delve deeper into that aspect. We were just processing the scene.

      Tuesday we will process our evidence, write up search warrants and reports and then in a few weeks we will do a mock trial (I think) and some of that is for those who were given the task of writing specialized reports. It’s the detective’s job to figure out what exactly happened and who the offender is. It is our job as crime scene technicians to just process the crime scene for presentation at trial.


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