Book Review: F*ck Love

I had F*ck Love on my Goodreads TBR list for quite sometime. It finally came on sale for .99 for Kindle, so I grabbed it! I finished it in one day! Tarryn Fisher’s writing reminds me of Colleen Hoover, I was pleasantly surprised. This is the first book of Fisher’s that I have ever read, and I am sad I had waited so long! The story just moved along, there was no stagnant parts or sections where I wanted to skip. That’s always a great thing.


Helena is just a normal college student who studies accounting, but when she has a dream of her best friend’s boyfriend her life changed. We follow her throughout the story trying to find herself when she thought she knew who she was all along. She falls in love with Kit, her friend Della’s boyfriend, and tried to do the right thing by staying away and not pursuing that conquest, but she epically fails when they get closer.

She decides to move to Washington, Kit’s home state, where she meets Kit’s ex-girlfriend and ends up living with her in the historical cannery. I found it…..weird, odd, creepy? that Helena just up and moves to Washington to just move-in with Kit’s ex-girlfriend who was the one who broke his heart and has been such a fixture in his life, but whatever…. it worked.

There’s this back and forth between Helena and Kit that is just so sad and depressing, because she loves him, he loves her, but he is with Della and Della ends up pregnant and they decide to get married, but something happens to Della that brings Helena home and then Helena leaves back to Washington and everything is just so sad and convoluted. I don’t want to give away too many details because, firstly, I won’t do this book any justice, and secondly, its important that you read this book and see how gut wrenching and honest this book is. If anything, we girls have probably have gone through something to this extent, maybe not has crazy but still.

This isn’t your typical romance. There isn’t a lot of sex. This story is more of a lesson, I guess you could say. I hope you all read it and enjoy it. It was really good. I wish I could give you more without giving anything away, but I can’t. So, good luck to you when you venture into this book.


5/5 stars!


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