20 years of Marriage split in two…

My parents have been divorced for over a year now, but they have been split for closer to four. Today, my brothers and I went to my dad’s house to help my mom move out all of her stuff. After four years you would think that it would have been an easy thing to do, but when feelings are still hurt and the acceptance of it not quite there yet…. you find that it wasn’t easy at all.

It was a very emotional day. My parents had been married for 20 years before splitting. For a reason that I’m not comfortable sharing quite yet. I’m 24, almost 25, with a child of my own, and was lucky enough to have parents that stuck together through thick and thin. I was proud that my family was a a rare one, where the parents were still together, because the majority of my friend’s parents were divorced. 

Sadly, I am now part of the group who has divorced parents. I used to think that marriage could last forever in a world where it wasn’t so common anymore. Now I’m not so certain. 

So, when your mom asks for you to be there, to divide 20 years worth of stuff, you go. You put aside your emotions about it and you go to be the rock that she needs. My brother came down from Missouri and my younger brother and I drove two hours to be here today.

This is an awful picture but I snapped it before anyone caught me. I’m still so heart broken but it’s a reality people face every day and it’s one that I am still hurtling over. 

We have moved many times as a family, but this time was different. We weren’t moving together. We have all gone our separate ways, but we came together today to move the one person who matters the most to us. Our mom. I love her so much, she is so strong and I admire the hell out of her. 

It has been a long, emotional and exhausting day but I’m glad we got through it together, as family that I know we still are.


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