Book Review: Until Harry

I won Until Harry from a Goodreads giveaway, it went to my Kindle. I kinda forgot about it until a couple days ago when I was looking for shorter, easy read, books to catch up on my reading challenge. Little did I know that Until Harry would mess with my emotions so much.

Lane grew up with her best friend Kale. He has been there her entire life. In fact, he is three years older than her and remembers her when she was born. Their relationship was strictly friend-zoned until she realized that she loved him when she was 10 years old. She has been in love with him ever since, but when Kale gets his girlfriend pregnant, and her best friend Lavender dies, Lane can’t take it anymore and moves to New York, from Europe, for six years.


When her Uncle Harry dies, Lane travels back to her home and meets her past head on.


Guys….I cried. I laughed. I cried some more. I don’t think a book had affected me the way Until Harry has.  Family is important and Until Harry really stressed that.

5/5 stars. I can’t believe I waited so long to finally read it.


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