Book Review: Paper Princess

When I think of the word ‘Royals’ I think of royalty, legit Kings and Queens, because those are the stories that I like. Well, Paper Princess is about modern royalty. The richest of the rich. Mansions with pool houses and yachts for a fun weekend out on the ocean. Rich kids who party every weekend and who’s word is as good as law in prep school. Honestly, I kind of like this story. 😉


Ella Harper is thrown into the good life. After years struggling for money and being on her own after her mother dies, Ella doesn’t know how to become a Royal. She is used to stripping for cash at the local clubs, not having 10k worth of cash stashed in her bathroom for whenever she needs it. She’s used to sleeping in a sleeping bag, not a four post bed with pink curtains to close and satin sheets to sleep on. The life she knew is over and she is struggling to hold onto her identity and not become that spoiled rich brat that she so loaths.

The Royals are made up of 5 boys, each sexier than the last, but Reed Royal is what get’s Ella’s panties in a twist. This boy…guys…watch your back. Actually, watch every part of you because he’s probably itching to get inside and you might actually let him.


I was really upset with the way things ended in Paper Princess, actually, I wasn’t upset, I was mad. I mean, I knew things were going to end badly, but I didn’t think it would leave off on a note that made me want more. Ugh. Why do I never have the second book of any series in my hands, ever?! I have to wait to get the second and I am really not happy about it.

5/5 stars, even though I hated the ending, but I knew it was coming.




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