Book Review: Crooked Kingdom

I really hope that Leigh Bardugo is going to give us a third book, because this can’t be the end. I love these characters too much to just let them go. I feel like I have been through hell and back with them, almost like I was participating in everything they went through. All ends were tied. Everything wrapped up smoothly, but I have questions, damn it. I want to know if Inej and Kaz ever confront their fears and are able to be with one another. I want to know if Wylan and Jesper can keep Wylan’s father’s merchant empire afloat. These things matter to me!


In order to survive Ketterdam, a mass merchant controlled country, you have to be one step ahead of your enemies. Kaz never ceases to amaze how evil, sly, and cunning he can be. When I though they were backed into a corner and their plans had gone to shit (sorry, there is no better word for what they went through),  Kaz had something else up his sleeve.

Leigh is a master mind. She spun a fantastical world and made me fall in love with it. Now…I love the world she created, but after reading Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, I don’t think I’d actually want to live there.

I envy authors who have the imagination to draw their readers in and make them feel all sorts of emotions for their made up creations. I am so sad. I am so livid. I am everything I can possibly feel at Leigh Bardugo. Because in the end…HOW COULD SHE?! I’ll just leave it at that.


“No Mourners. No Funerals”

5/5 Stars even though I am devastated with the loss of a character that still had so much to offer.


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