Book Review: The Opportunist

I am on a roll, guys! I’m bringing you yet another review! This makes me so happy. I’ve been trying to be more active on my blog and it has given me a new sense of purpose and accomplishment. I just can’t wait until Thanksgiving break and Christmas break to really focus my attention on this blog.

I finished this book today and I just had to get this review down before the “wow” factor diminished into “oh, it was a good book”. I can’t do that to you all. I have to rave for you, just so you can know that you won’t be disappointed when (or if) you read this.


The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher: ★★★★★

The only other book I have read by Tarryn Fisher would be F*ck Love (you can find that review here). I loved F*ck Love, so when my friend, literally, shoved her Love Me With Lies series into my hands, I knew I would be done for. The Opportunist was so good!

Normally, in romances you tend to have the guy playing all the games. The guy who wants you but then doesn’t want you because of his past (blah blah blah) or something of that sort. No, this time it was Olivia. She is ( to put it in Caleb’s words) “a pair of six inch heels…all attitude and sexiness…”, but not only that, she’s a girl with a dirty past who’s guarding her heart. That only brings a world of hurt and trouble.

This book was full of cliche moments, but it worked, because it was super cute and just warmed my heart. Olivia even tells us her life is a cliche moment. I couldn’t help but chuckle at that remark.

Olivia is that character who we love to hate. We love her because she is just that girl who want her guy, after making a slew of terrible mistakes, but we hate her because those mistakes were pretty awful and she kinda deserved what came to her. Olivia is the perfect villain. Can I even call her that? Are we even supposed to love the villain? I just hope that in Dirty Red Olivia and Caleb work something out, whether it’s living happily ever after or just getting the closure that Olivia DESPERATELY needs.






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