Book Review: Thief

Thief is the last book in the Love Me With Lies trilogy by Tarryn Fisher. In Thief we get to see Caleb’s side in the story, like we saw Olivia and Leah’s side. I love that each book was a different point of view, even though I normally despise that. I liked it because it centered around the same characters that I had grown to adore in The Opportunist. A lot of series, if they change point to view, will not center around the same characters, and I don’t like that. Anyway, today I am bringing you my review on Thief, Caleb’s story.


Thief by Tarryn Fisher: ★★★★★

I think Caleb’s story, out of the three, was the most heart breaking. This poor soul. This poor man. I just want to smash Olivia over the head and take him for myself, because he needs all the love in the world.

These three books intertwine and a lot of the lies that Leah and Olivia, even Caleb, come out in this book, so much so that I may end up revealing a spoiler…or two, and I’m sorry for that, so heads up!

Caleb fakes his amnesia so he can find Olivia in the hopes that they can start over on a clean slate. In the beginning of this clean slate, it was cute and romantic, until the wench Leah decides to come and drive Olivia away.

Ten years Caleb and Olivia fight their love. Ten years wasted hiding from each other and 1582871291-picisto-20130722122553-660643ripping their hearts to shreds. Phew. Ten years is a long time and a normal person might have moved on. Caleb and Olivia tried to move on, but they always seem to find each other again and turn their lives upside down.

So much happens between Leah and Caleb, so much nastiness and heartache. Caleb did not deserve to be put through having a daughter just to have her taken from him again and again, that he loses several years with her. At this point I think I’m rambling. I could probably tell you from beginning to end what happened in this book, but I cant! UGH!

The same layout was kept throughout these three books. It jumps from the Present to the Past throughout the book so we get to have insight to what really happened between this trio. It’s heartbreaking, its emotional, its angering, its hate inspiring. It almost makes me not want to fall in love. Ever. The ending, however, cured me of that. I can say that you may like this ending, or you may not…that’s up to you to decide.


I don’t think you will be disappointed in this series. Go check it out!



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