Book Review: Mr. President

Oh Man! When I saw this advertised and read the blurb on this book, I knew I needed to read it. Thanks to winning a $10 gift card on Amazon I was able to pick it up. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy this book. I love teacher and professor books, but boy do I love President and staff member love stories now! I can’t wait for Commander and Chief to come out so I can see what happens between Matt and Charlotte.


Mr. President by Katy Evans: ★★★★★

Charlotte met Matt Hamilton when she was just 11 years old. He was still a college student who visited her family’s home with his father, Mr. President Hamilton, the night she knew that she would do whatever it took to make him President.

Mat Hamilton was groomed from the start to become President, that’s all his father ever wanted from him. After his father was murdered Matt and his mother were just regular citizens and Matt enjoyed the new freedom. However, he surprises everyone years later with the announcement that he is going to run for president. WOW! From then on Matthew Hamilton stole the hearts of all Americans, more so the women, and mine…but that’s besides the point.

“Matthew Hamilton was born to be the next president.”

So when Matt asks Charlotte to be on his campaign team, she was ecstatic and excited, because her first crush took notice of her. Little did we know that the really noticed her. Charlotte grew up into a very fine lady.

And so begins their whirlwind romance. Of course, running for president has its draw backs. Matthew can’t afford a scandal and his “heart belongs to America”, as his campaign suggests.

There wasn’t a lot of heart ache or anything that made me go awwwwe in this book, but it is still heartbreaking in the sense that Matthew and Charlotte may never end up together, because of Matthew’s belief that he wouldn’t be able to keep her happy as First Lady.

I hope to go Katy Evans does something spectacular in Commander in Chief. I just need them two together. They are the perfect couple. ❤




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