Dumbledore’s Army Readathon!

I’ve never participated in a readathon before so I am really excited about this one! I may not complete it, but it’s just having the chance to participate in something like this that counts for me!

This readathon is hosted by  Aentee @ Read At Midnight, that focuses on diverse reads. A goal of mine for 2017 is to broaden my reading and this readathon is a step in the right direction!

CALLING ALL HUFFLEPUFFS: If you would like to team up with me my House is Hufflepuff.



When: January 1st at midnight to January 15 at midnight.

Points: If you have questions on how the points system works, please check out Aentee’s original Dumbledore’s Army Readathon post. Basically, everything you do for this readathon earns 1-5 points!

Prompts: There are seven prompts that go along with spells that were used in the Room of Requirements. I will list them below along with my reading choices (I only have one picked out as of now and am taking suggestions for other prompts!)


This one will be announced at a later time. I have an idea of what I want to read about, I Just need to find an interesting book on it!










A Court of Thorns and Roses




This is going to be so much fun! These prompts don’t have to be read in any particular order so that makes it easier! I am taking suggestions for these prompts so leave them below!


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