Book Review: Loving Ruby by Roya Carmen


Book: Loving Ruby By Roya Carmen

Rating: ★★★★

Loving Ruby is book two of the Riverstone series. I haven’t read book one, Loving Amber, but that didn’t hinder my reading at all. In fact, this book could be read as a standalone.

Ruby Riverstone is a 26 year old woman who considers herself the black sheep of the family. Her sister ‘fires’ her from working at their inherited family estate and is then left without a purpose… until she lands a job across the street for the mysterious Mr. Hyde, as an assistant.

Mr. Hyde is an erotica author who has secluded himself from the outside world. He is punishing himself for the death of his wife (circumstances that I will let you find out for yourself) and hasn’t stepped out of his mansion for two years. As the work piles up, he decides he is in desperate need of help, and hires Ruby.

What happens between the two is hot…to say the least. I am a sucker for boss/employee romance and Roya Carmen does a great job with this one. It isn’t your normal billionaire romance where the characters are in the tallest building in the city and have at it behind frosted glass. No. That wouldn’t do for Mr. Hyde. The setting fits Mr. Hyd’s past and Ruby’s personality and when they connect it’s nothing but fireworks.

I was a little dissapointed in how Ruby handled a few situations in the book. She is all for helping August out of his extreme anxiety, but instead pushes him too hard. I feel like there could have been an extra two hundred pages that showed August’s transformation. He wasn’t suddenly cured, no, but it felt rushed and it was almost like he was suddenly cured. Ruby really is a minx using sex to get him out of the house 😉

Overall, this was such a nice read. I loved the story and just how sweet August was. I wish there was more!


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