Book Review: Heat by Holly S. Roberts

Heat (Hotter than Hell, #1)Heat by Holly S. Roberts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a criminal justice student I was intrigued by this story, mostly because Roberts is a detective turned author. There was bound to be some professional insight and personal stories thrown in that could make for a great book. I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Madison ( aka Mak) Kinlock is an ex cop who had to retire from the force after suffering a severe shoulder injury. To keep afloat she became a Private Investigator. While investigating a cheating husband, Mak gets picked up by Moon’s body guards, who were in turn coming to collect the cheating husband. Mak is then thrown into Moon’s drug cartel world and discovers that the boys in Blue do not always follow the code that comes with wearing a badge.

I wouldn’t say that Mak was completely naive to the world and how things worked, but she was desperately clinging to the belief that all cops were heroes. Roberts throws insight into this and shows us a perspective that easily shows how misguided we can be by a uniform.

The connection between Mak and Moon is instantaneous and their connection rocked my world! I enjoyed Moon’s reaction to a few of Mak’s remarks, one of which was her request that he find a goat a home. His reaction was priceless and even I knew what he was thinking: Really? A goat? There were serious moments, but the moments that made me laugh out loud were the best.

Overall, a great book, a great read. I’ll be picking up more books by this author!

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