Release Blitz: Like A Girl by Holly S. Roberts


Author: Holly S. Roberts

Title: Like a Girl by Holly S. Roberts

Release Date: March 31, 2017




Aiden Patrickson’s dreams of a championship ring means nothing when playing for the worst team in pro football. A strong arm and deadly accuracy make no difference unless your front line stops the opposing team from trampling the quarterback.

It’s a new season and the suits upstairs are bringing additional players on board to turn the team around. Aiden has no clue what they’re thinking. The new kicker is old enough to be Aiden’s father. The only bright side is his daughter, a hot little number who catches Aiden’s eye and adds a touch of excitement to thoughts of the new season.

Jordan Givens can’t stop her attraction to football’s bad boy quarterback. Aiden wasn’t ready for Jordan to enter his world but she’s worked her butt off to find her place in the male dominated sport of football. Aiden and his teammates don’t know what hit them when Jordan enters the locker room like she owns the place.

One crazy night in Jordan’s hotel room almost ruins her dreams and somehow, following the sexiest encounter of her life, she must avoid Aiden at all costs. It doesn’t matter how good he looks in tight football pants, she needs to focus on the end game.

Football is not a gentleman’s sport. It’s raw, dirty, and violent. Maybe what this losing team needs is a woman’s touch.

This steamy Completion Novel is a standalone and intended for mature readers. There is brief interaction with Killian MacGregor from Play.



 “We’re excited about this, Aiden,” Rick begins.


I look around the room and the last thing I feel is excitement. “We’ve needed a decent kicker for a long time,” I say, keeping my tone steady while I play along.


“We need you to be the calm one in this situation, Aiden.” Rick pauses and then continues when I give no response. “There will be media attention that we haven’t seen since our first kickoff.” He gives a short chuckle. “Scrap that, this will be bigger.” He looks down at the large folder in front of him. “Does the name Jordan Givens spark any memories?”


The name does, but for the life of me I don’t know why. It’s not a football name I’m familiar with. Even thinking about the new crop of seniors in college leaves a blank. For some reason, my mind moves to soccer. It would make sense, though I doubt one of their pansy-ass players could handle the football grind, even a kicker’s job.


“No matter, here she is now.”


I turn and his words don’t register because my dick immediately comes to attention at the sight of the woman walking through the door. This doesn’t happen to me. I’m not some cross-eyed, orgasmic teenager, but Christ this woman is an eyeful. Her brown hair is free and wild around her shoulders, her suit jacket, which is way too hot for our weather, hugs her curves. She has the face of an angel with rounded cheeks giving her an innocent quality. Long eyelashes accent large expressive hazel eyes. And lips. Hell. Plump and prissy is the only way to describe them. They beg to be kissed…no, bitten. There’s nothing angelic in the lush, red curves of those lips. I want them wrapped around my—. Hell, I need to stop this.


We stand. I drag my eyes away from the woman who’s causing me mental and physical havoc and try to make sense of the man who is old enough to be my father standing beside her. Is he her father? He’s our new kicker, and I place my hand on the table to keep from swaying. I can’t believe we’ve sunk this low. He must be paying us to play and he’s in the worst shape of any player I’ve ever seen. Where did they find him? The grandfather league?


Rick walks forward and takes the gorgeous woman into his arms for a quick hug. She appears startled by his behavior. His hands on her pisses me off, which is the dumbest reaction I could have. Rick turns to our new kicker and puts out his hand for a quick shake before placing his arm around the woman.


“Aiden,” he says to me while walking the woman forward, “meet the first female kicker in pro football.”


For a minute, the world shifts on its axis and my testicles immediately recede. They climb so far up inside me I need to swallow them back down. He can’t be serious. Can he? Female kicker?


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Author Bio:

Holly Roberts

 Holly S. Roberts is the USA TODAY Best-Selling Author of the Completion and Hotter Than Hell Series. She lives high in the Arizona Mountains with her husband and two spoiled dogs.


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