Forensic Mom Blog Turns 1!!

Click here to get to the event page!

HI everyone! Forensic Mom Blog turns ONE on the 31st of May! I am so excited! I couldn’t be any more excited or happier.

This blog has been such a joy to do and have. It has been my escape from reality for quite some time now and has helped me get through this last year a half of college. I am ecstatic to be graduating this weekend, Saturday, and I am even more excited to be hosting my very first Author Takeover Event! So come party with us! I have an awesome line-up for you ( 3 spots need to be filled still) and there are two BRAND NEW authors that will be joining us!

Forensic (1)

I have read books by Holly S. Roberts, K.S. Marshall, Roya Carmen and Ashlie N. Knapp! So, I can honestly say that you will NOT regret joining and seeing what they have to offer!

This event is hosted on Facebook. You can like, share, and ‘go’ to the event from the Forensic Mom Blog Facebook page! And when you DO just LIKE SHARE AND COMMENT IN THE EVENT!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the word out! There is nothing more sad than going to an event and no one interacting with the authors!

This is a GREAT opportunity for you all to discover new authors! There is a little bit of everything: Romance (of course), Fantasy, and some real life!

If you know of an author who would LOVE this opportunity, have them message me via facebook!

THIS IS A PARTY PEOPLE SO PARTEH!! Get in your comfy outfits, fill up that wine, sit back and enter into some giveaways and discover some new authors!



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