Review Policy

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to view my Review Policy. Now, I’m new at this whole book blogging thing and would love to have the chance to review your novels, but first, I must tell you about my preferences.

What I like to read:

1. Fantasy

2. Romance (of any kind including Erotica)

3. Historical Fiction

4. Fiction

5. Science-Fiction

6. Young Adult

7. Series/trilogies/chronicles, etc

8. True Crime

Now, I do enjoy the occasional Mystery or Biography but I will review those on a case by case basis. I will not read horror, self-help or health books.

If your book is a series, trilogy, chronicle, I do require that you include any preceding books because I do not like reading these out of sequence.

I would love to review your E-book, I do not mind self-published books, but do not ask me to critique or edit an unpublished manuscript. I accept published and ARC books and E-books are of EPUB format.

How I rate:

Like most websites I rate using the 5 star system, however, I do not give half stars. It is either all of a star or no star (or go up a star if I think the manuscript warrants an extra star).

How you can Contact me:


Either of these will be fine!